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PHP Shareable Social Media Links

by Liam Hammett · 2 minute read · #open-source #php

I recently had the need to generate various “shareable” links to help share a particular URL to different social media platforms. The problem is that every platform requires information in a slightly different way.

Lo and behold, just a few days later, Dennis Smink shared their method of doing so in their article “Laravel Shareable Trait” that covers the few biggest platforms.

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PHP Function Chaining with Pipes

by Liam Hammett · 11 minute read · #php

Back in December 2016, freelance developer Sebastiaan Luca wrote a post on their blog inspired by an RFC proposal for PHP core about chaining functions, and here I am going to be responding to that blog post.

I highly recommend reading the aforementioned post and RFC to get an understanding of what function piping is as they do an amazing job at explaining the benefits it brings.

In short; it’s syntactic sugar to help make code more readable.

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