Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2019 Deals for PHP & Laravel Developers

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have already started for 2019, and if you’re a PHP or specifically Laravel developer, there’s a lot to look forward to, especially if you’re looking to expand your knowledge and pick up some new skills on the cheap.

In this page I’ll be keeping you up-to-date with the best and latest deals to keep an eye on - it’s the only time of year with these kinds of huge price drops, so don’t miss out.

If you want to see the kind of deals that were up for grabs last year and what you can expect to come over the next few days, check out last year’s post.

Laracasts (Video Courses) - 50% off

Laracasts is hands-down one of the best ways to learn Laravel and the ecosystem growing around it. Jeffrey Way is an amazing teacher that discusses a variety of topics clearly - for both beginners and advanced developers alike.

You can get 50% off the monthly or yearly plans, or over $100 off for the lifetime plan. Make sure to use the coupon code BF50-2019 at checkout.

Docker for PHP Developers (Video Course / eBook) - 40% off

There’s no doubt that Docker is quickly becoming the de-facto standard for anything development related - you can use it locally, in CI, in production, and wherever else you might need it. Paul Redmond’s stellar video course and eBook will help you get to grips with it and use it in your day-to-day work.

It’s now a solid 40% off when you buy a copy, so if you’re not already up to date with Docker now is the time to start.

Servers for Hackers, Shipping Docker, Scaling Laravel, MySQL Backups, Deploy PHP (Video Courses / eBooks) - All 40% off!

Managing, scaling and deploying to servers can be an overwhelming task at first - there’s so many facets to it consider. Luckily Chris Fidao has you covered, as everything he’s learned he’s put into some great resources you can learn from.

All courses are available for 40% off - use coupon code holidays2019 at checkout.

🎁 Servers for Hackers Holiday Deals

Build a Chatbot (Video Course) - 50% off

Chatbots are becoming a more and more common way to engage with customers and help them along their journey with your product or site. Marcel Pociot built the BotMan PHP framework to make this super easy to achieve, and this video course takes you through the whole process step-by-step so you can make your chatbots the best they can be.

Right now you can get the course for half the regular asking price.

Ploi (Deployment Tool) - 50% off

Ploi is a robust server provisioning and deployment tool with a slew of features that’ll let you deploy your application onto a fresh or existing server automatically within minutes.

Use code BLACK-FRIDAY-2019 at checkout to get a month for 50% off. This coupon code will only work on November 29th, so make sure to get your order in at the right time.

PHP Package Development (Course) + Tinkerwell - 60% off

PHP Package Development is a course by package-developer-extraordinaire Marcel Pociot that explains how to to build your very own PHP and Laravel-specific Composer packages. It’s a great introduction to the concept and how you can instantly start making your code reusable between projects.

Tinkerwell, on the other hand, is a development tool by Marcel that enables you to quickly tinker with any Laravel application locally or on remote servers.

Get either the course or a bundle with Tinkerwell included for less than half price.

Oh Dear (Uptime Monitoring) - €15 off

Oh Dear is an uptime monitoring service created by Mattias Geniar and Freek Van der Herten that monitors your site and its pages to make sure they’re online. As soon as they go offline, you’ll get a notification with any relevant information so you can stay on top of it.

Right now, you can use the discount code BLACKFRIDAY-OD-N15D at checkout. Keep an eye on the Oh Dear Twitter feed too, as they’ll be posting more discount codes as the week goes on.

If you spot a deal that isn’t listed here, shoot me a tweet or keep up with the Twitter thread and I’ll make sure to get it listed.

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