Black Friday 2018 Deals for Laravel Developers

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It’s that time of the year again, and over the next few days there will be some awesome deals in all sorts of areas - retail and tech especially. As a Laravel developer, there’s a lot of goodies to get your hands on for some insanely discounted prices!

Here I’ll try to sum up some of the great deals you might want to get your hands on.

Laravel Nova - 30% off

One of Laravel’s newest first party packages, a beautiful and extendable administrator panel. Using the discount code turkey-nova-2018 will net you a 30% discount when purchasing a new solo or pro Nova license.

Laravel Nova - Beautifully-designed administration panel for Laravel

Laravel Spark - $69 for single site, $149 for unlimited

A first party package from Laravel that acts as a great boilerplate for most SaaS applications, bundling in recurring billing and a lot of other useful features from the get-go. No discount code needed to get the savings.

Laravel Spark

Laracasts - 50% off

Arguably one of the best places to get to grips with Laravel and stay updated with it, Jeffrey Way of Laracasts has published well over 1,000 video tutorials explaining the ins and outs of almost every part of using the framework. Use the discount code BlackFriday2018 to get these savings on monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Laracasts Black Friday

Advanced Vue Component Design, Test-Driven Laravel & Refactoring to Collections - 70% off

Adam Wathan has been pumping out amazing content for the Laravel ecosystem for years now. These three courses collectively teach you how to build strong tests for your backend, refactoring your code to keep it clean in interesting ways, and how to build complex front-end components, all brilliant skills to have under your toolbelt.

🎉 Black Friday deals on Advanced Vue Component Design, Test-Driven Laravel and Refactoring to Collections!

Servers for Hackers, Shipping Docker, Scaling Laravel & Deploy PHP - 40% off

Chris Fidao is hands-down one of the best people to learn about servers from, and now all his courses are nearly half price! The courses go into detail about provisioning servers, keeping them performant with your codebase, building a CI pipeline and much more.

🎁 Holiday Sale

Docker for PHP Developers - 45% off

Paul Redmond’s latest course teaches the ins and outs of Docker in a great, concise and easy-to-follow way, covering everything from the basics up to having a CI pipeline running in production.


F-Bar - 40% off

If you use Laravel Forge to provision your servers, you’ll love F-Bar - a tool that lets you manage your Forge sites conveniently from your MacOS menu bar.

F-Bar. Manage your Laravel Forge servers from your menubar - F-Bar

Learn Node, ES6+ for Everyone, React for Beginners & Advanced React - 50% off

Wes Bos is renowned for creating in-depth, fun and easy-to-follow video courses for the JavaScript ecosystem - and now each of them are half price! If you’re thinking about delving deeper into Node or React, you won’t find a better place to learn than this.

Learn Node

Build a Chatbot - 50% off

Marcel Pociot has been building chatbots for a long time, and has built one of the most extensive chatbot libraries available for PHP: Botman. In this course he imparts all the wisdom he gained from the feat, explaining how to build a chatbot for a variety of platforms with Botman from the ground up.

Build A Chabot

Build Chatbots with PHP — 50% off

Christoph Rumpel is another big name in PHP chatbots, having made the chatbot for Laracon EU and detailing every step of it in this course.

Christoph Rumpel

Laravel Shift - 30% off

If you’re looking to upgrade a Laravel application from one version to another, Laravel Shift is hands-down one of the best, quickest and easiest ways to do it.

Laravel Shift

BaseCode Field Guide - 30% off

Jason McCreary’s field guide is phenomenal for getting short, actionable tips on keeping your codebase clean and readable. It’s a reference you can come back to time and time again and always be able to apply something from it to your work immediately, and get so much out of.

BaseCode - a field guide to lasting code

Marketing for Developers, Validate Your Product Idea, Jolt & Build Better Landing Pages - 50%+ off

Unlike most other things on this list, Justin Jackson’s courses and books aren’t directly about code. Instead, they cover a lot of the topics that are just as important as the code itself - getting the product out there to people.

Get $100 off M4Devs (Black Friday Deal)

But wait, there’s more!

Don’t spend all your hard earned money just yet! It’s not actually Black Friday at the time of writing this, so there’s likely to be more things to come. Notably:

  • The long awaited Refactoring UI Book by Steve Schoger and Adam Wathan is set to come out before Christmas
  • Enrollment to Laura Elizabeth’s Design Fundamentals Course is open for the next few days
  • Ahmad Awais’ VSCode Pro course is launching with 40% off
  • Get 25% off of 2 months of the zero downtime deployment tool Ploi with discount code BLACKFRIDAY2018

I’ve personally picked up most of these courses and products over the last couple of years and would recommend every single one of them at their full price within a heartbeat - they are all top-notch quality and will either save you countless hours of development time or build your skills in ways you never expected could be so good.

The Laravel community in particular has some of the best people in the internet all coming together with the goal of sharing their knowledge and improving everyone else’s work and lives, and I’m deeply thankful to everyone who has published a product on this list as together they’ve changed the way I look at programming and made me love it more than I ever expected I could a few years ago.

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